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Transformation 7: Smart Manufacturing

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Our manufacturing companies have to be able to respond to rapidly changing market demand, with a production whith single batches as an ultimate approach. For this purpose it is necessary to “retune” their production systems to more flexible, self-learning and adaptive systems. This requires both organisational and technical breakthroughs. Cyber Physical Systems are the building blocks, providing the connection between the various production components and making a production system smart.


C-Mec, a company undergoing transformation: “Without change, we would no longer exist”
When subcontracting company C-Mec was faced with serious operational constraints about six years ago, it was decided to radically change tactics. Due to competition with low-wage countries, the focus was shifted even more towards the ‘one-stop-shop’ approach and the production of smaller series. Automation and digitalisation were the common threads in this success . Roots […]
Discover Alstom, Factory of the Future 2020
Alstom Belgique, a member company of Agoria, is one of the winners of the Factory of the Future 2020 awards. Not having been able to applaud the winners during the Agoria roadshow because of the confinement, Motion Control was nevertheless able to conduct an interview (remotely) with Pierre Meunier and Samantha Esteban to find out […]
Connected and smart products: 10 key challenges
We are surrounded by increasing numbers of smart connected products, and more and more technologies are becoming available on the market for creating smart IoT solutions. Many companies that manufacture physical products are now wondering whether and when they too should take the plunge. Is it hip or is it hype? Do these products represent […]
In-flow philosophy: Creating processes and enhanced efficiency at Robert Bosch
Perfect visibility. This is the challenge that Robert Bosch Produktie N.V., based at Tienen, sets itself on a daily basis as it produces windscreen wipers and wiper arms for both OEM customers and the aftermarket. The sustained effort it has put into meeting this objective over the past five years, with an enormous investment of […]
AW Europe : 7 transformations as a catalyst for innovation
A philosophy whereby in which people play a central role and circumstances are created for staff to function optimally within an organisation, thus producing the best possible quality. This is the mission AW Europe would like to realise. Add customer satisfaction and respect for the environment and you have the ideal Factory of the Future […]
Colruyt : Automation focused on staff
Just like many other companies, the Colruyt Group has invested time and money in the automation and digitisation of their production facilities. The major difference between the Colruyt Group and other companies is that their staff are the central element of each and every innovation. Their staff were actively involved in the refurbishment of the […]
More bottom-up management at duracell batteries in aarschot
    In parallel with its digital transition, Duracell has chosen to enhance the value of its employees’ wealth of experience by giving them more responsibility. With concepts such as start-up teams and ownership of equipment, among others, the company was hoping to receive a Factory of the Future Award. And she did it. Start-up […]
How Elnor Motors serves the world from the Leuven region
Based in Wespelaar, close to Haacht, Elnor Motors has made electric motors for machinery manufacturers worldwide for over a century. This manufacturer, based in Flemish Brabant, has no catalogue: it produces small series geared to its clients’ specific needs. ‘This region is a logistics hub’, explains the Managing Director, Tom Paesmans. Petrol pumps, coffee grinders, […]
As part of the Make it in Belgium campaign, Agoria and the magazine Engineeringnet organised a round table bringing together four ‘hidden gems’ of automation to discuss innovation and prospects in the construction of machines and production systems: Citius (Grégory Reichling), Contec (Wim Tindemans), De Roeve Industries (Koen De Roeve) and Van Hoecke Automation (Karel […]
Packo Pumps: ‘For piecework, efficiency must be continuously improved.’
Packo Pumps has already developed and produced over 300,000 centrifugal pumps. These pumps are exported to the four corners of the earth and are used in a wide range of sectors: from the food industry to water purification plants to the pharmaceutical industry. This manufacturing company with offices in Zedelgem and Dixmunde (West Flanders), proudly […]
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