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Transformation 6: Eco Factory

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A sustainable production system considers each phase of a product’s life cycle, from acquiring the materials, production and usage, to disposing of the waste. Production systems are also able to close the materials cycle. Sustainable production also means possessing a resilient production system depending on the availabilities of materials. Energy consumption is drastically reduced.


Vandemoortele Factory of the Future: “Major employee involvement “
Izegem, in West Flanders, is the site of the oldest and largest factory operated by Vandemoortele, the European leader in bakery products, margarines, cooking oils and fats. Although its origins date back to 1899, it was this cradle of industry that won a Factory of the Future award in 2020. “We owe this nice award […]
Transformation Eco-factory: A sustainability vision often delivers just as much innovation as sustainability
Agoria advises and guides companies in their transformation into the factory of the future. This series of articles will help you to gain a better understanding of each of the 7 transformation domains that play a crucial role. One of the increasingly more important transformations is the ‘Eco-factory’. In this article we delve deeper into […]
Van Hoecke: the art of innovation for better entrepreneurship
Van Hoecke has obtained its new Factory of the Future certification. As a supplier of furniture fittings and manufacturer of drawer systems, Van Hoecke has been working for years with a mass customisation system. This is the story of a pioneer whose successful transformation started more than 20 years ago. How did this happen? By […]
Discover Alstom, Factory of the Future 2020
Alstom Belgique, a member company of Agoria, is one of the winners of the Factory of the Future 2020 awards. Not having been able to applaud the winners during the Agoria roadshow because of the confinement, Motion Control was nevertheless able to conduct an interview (remotely) with Pierre Meunier and Samantha Esteban to find out […]
Discover Audi Brussels, Factory of the Future 2020
  Audi Brussels (Forest) is the Audi Group’s first CO2-neutral factory in the world and employs 3,000 people, 500 of whom were recruited in 2018. This ultra-modern plant, which manufactures the e-Tron and e-Tron Sportback, was one of four to receive a Factory of the Future Awards in 2020. Watch a video ‘behind the scenes’ […]
Lavetan: laboratory of the future, beyond simple test results
  The Lavetan laboratory, located in Turnhout, is not a conventional laboratory, in terms of its layout dotted with lines and industrial robots. The company received the Factory of the Future Award in 2019 for its extensive work towards transformation. Lavetan contributes to the optimization of the quality of food companies. The company is determined […]
AW Europe : 7 transformations as a catalyst for innovation
A philosophy whereby in which people play a central role and circumstances are created for staff to function optimally within an organisation, thus producing the best possible quality. This is the mission AW Europe would like to realise. Add customer satisfaction and respect for the environment and you have the ideal Factory of the Future […]
Colruyt : Automation focused on staff
Just like many other companies, the Colruyt Group has invested time and money in the automation and digitisation of their production facilities. The major difference between the Colruyt Group and other companies is that their staff are the central element of each and every innovation. Their staff were actively involved in the refurbishment of the […]
Janssen Pharmaceutica : market leader based on open innovation en a human-centerd approach
Janssen Pharmaceutica is the first chemical and pharmaceutical company to win the Factory of the Future Award. In the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organisation)’s poll for De Grootste Belg (The Greatest Belgian), Paul Janssen was beaten by Father Damien, with Eddy Merckx some distance behind. There is a great metaphor here, bringing us […]
According to Eric Delforge, if the Belgian manufacturing industry wants to take decisive steps in the field of energy sustainability, the time has come to create better networks. Mayakawa Europe’s division leader explains how we can decarbonise as well as save energy by deploying smart thermal systems using heat pumps. En 2011, le Conseil européen […]
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