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Transformation 5: Networked Factory

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Companies evolve from being solo players into networked organisations, where the risk and capital are shared over the network. An optimal eco-system of suppliers and partners results in flexible collaborative relationships. Even within the classic company boundaries, a company itself evolves into a network of which the various elements are deployable flexibly in external networks.


C-Mec, a company undergoing transformation: “Without change, we would no longer exist”
When subcontracting company C-Mec was faced with serious operational constraints about six years ago, it was decided to radically change tactics. Due to competition with low-wage countries, the focus was shifted even more towards the ‘one-stop-shop’ approach and the production of smaller series. Automation and digitalisation were the common threads in this success . Roots […]
Discover Alstom, Factory of the Future 2020
Alstom Belgique, a member company of Agoria, is one of the winners of the Factory of the Future 2020 awards. Not having been able to applaud the winners during the Agoria roadshow because of the confinement, Motion Control was nevertheless able to conduct an interview (remotely) with Pierre Meunier and Samantha Esteban to find out […]
Networked Factory Transformation: co-creation with external partners pays off
In a new series of articles, we present the 7 essential areas of transformation that play a role in the ‘Factory of the Future’ process charted by Agoria and Sirris. We continue with the transformation of the Networked Factory where we focus specifically on Partnership-driven innovation. Combining internal and external knowledge The market environment is […]
Networked Industrial Communication: guaranteed process efficiency
These days, it is hard to imagine operating without reliable data flows and seamless communication. The same applies to production processes. Networked industrial communication enables all of a company’s business segments to be integrated, making it a central component of data availability and the Internet of Things. The main objective of industrial communication is to […]
Choosing a suitable partner for R&D collaborations: pitfalls and opportunities
If a company decides to set up an R&D joint venture, finding a suitable partner is of crucial importance. The partner has to match the company on several levels in order for the cooperation to be successful. A partner can be assessed on the basis of several factors. Not all factors are equally important for […]
Discover Audi Brussels, Factory of the Future 2020
  Audi Brussels (Forest) is the Audi Group’s first CO2-neutral factory in the world and employs 3,000 people, 500 of whom were recruited in 2018. This ultra-modern plant, which manufactures the e-Tron and e-Tron Sportback, was one of four to receive a Factory of the Future Awards in 2020. Watch a video ‘behind the scenes’ […]
BMT Aerospace’s business takes off
Airbus, Embraer, Sikorsky, Sukhoi, Boeing, … These are all big names that will appeal to the imaginations of those who love aviation. But did you know that all these large companies share a Belgian supplier in common? Its name is BMT Aerospace. The emphasis it places on digitalisation, extreme precision and development of highly specific […]
AW Europe : 7 transformations as a catalyst for innovation
A philosophy whereby in which people play a central role and circumstances are created for staff to function optimally within an organisation, thus producing the best possible quality. This is the mission AW Europe would like to realise. Add customer satisfaction and respect for the environment and you have the ideal Factory of the Future […]
Janssen Pharmaceutica : market leader based on open innovation en a human-centerd approach
Janssen Pharmaceutica is the first chemical and pharmaceutical company to win the Factory of the Future Award. In the VRT (Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organisation)’s poll for De Grootste Belg (The Greatest Belgian), Paul Janssen was beaten by Father Damien, with Eddy Merckx some distance behind. There is a great metaphor here, bringing us […]
CSP Engineering: the missing link in industrial wood flooring production
Each time CSP Engineering, a machine manufacturer located in Dessel (Province of Antwerp) launches a new machine, European wood flooring companies can’t wait to try it out. ‘By concentrating specifically on the needs of industrial wood flooring producers, we have expanded our customer base’, explains the CEO, Jan Peeters. Since 1994, CSP Engineering has operated […]
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