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Transformation 2: Integrated Engineering

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Manufacturing companies develop their own products and corresponding services depending on the complete value chain. This means an integrated design approach regarding processes such as sales, production, use of virtual models and simulations is crucial in this respect. This transformation is optimises value throughout the entire value chain and results in robust, high-quality processes.


Discover Alstom, Factory of the Future 2020
Alstom Belgique, a member company of Agoria, is one of the winners of the Factory of the Future 2020 awards. Not having been able to applaud the winners during the Agoria roadshow because of the confinement, Motion Control was nevertheless able to conduct an interview (remotely) with Pierre Meunier and Samantha Esteban to find out […]
Discover Audi Brussels, Factory of the Future 2020
  Audi Brussels (Forest) is the Audi Group’s first CO2-neutral factory in the world and employs 3,000 people, 500 of whom were recruited in 2018. This ultra-modern plant, which manufactures the e-Tron and e-Tron Sportback, was one of four to receive a Factory of the Future Awards in 2020. Watch a video ‘behind the scenes’ […]
In-flow philosophy: Creating processes and enhanced efficiency at Robert Bosch
Perfect visibility. This is the challenge that Robert Bosch Produktie N.V., based at Tienen, sets itself on a daily basis as it produces windscreen wipers and wiper arms for both OEM customers and the aftermarket. The sustained effort it has put into meeting this objective over the past five years, with an enormous investment of […]
Lavetan: laboratory of the future, beyond simple test results
  The Lavetan laboratory, located in Turnhout, is not a conventional laboratory, in terms of its layout dotted with lines and industrial robots. The company received the Factory of the Future Award in 2019 for its extensive work towards transformation. Lavetan contributes to the optimization of the quality of food companies. The company is determined […]
Streamlined production earns Niko the Factory of the Future Award
  There are very few homes in Belgium that do not contain a power socket or switch by Niko, based in Sint-Niklaas. The innovative company has over a hundred years of history, spread across three generations. But this long history doesn’t stop the company from constantly looking to the future. “The best proof of this? […]
ZF Wind Power turns wind energy into motion
Wind energy will provide an important part of our energy in the future. A less well known fact is that ZF Wind Power, a technology company headquartered in Lommel (Limburg), is an innovative supplier for wind turbine manufacturers worldwide. With over 55,000 shipped gearboxes, ZF Wind Power is a leading partner in the wind energy […]
Hidden gems in the Belgian manufacturing industry
Discover five hidden gems on our own soil The Belgian manufacturing industry is a breeding ground for creative entrepreneurs and ground-breaking innovations. Many new technologies and applications are created every year. Discover five of these home-grown hidden gems. Micromega Dynamics: From planets to wind turbines You can’t judge the full impact of a design beforehand. Namur […]