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Transformation 1: Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

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This transformation is based on deploying state-of-the-art production devices.

Given the “wage-handicap”, our companies cannot afford manufacturing with machinery that is outdated compared with that of competitors. Benchmark companies develop their own devices for key aspects in production, and thus boast machinery that is unique in the world.

C-Mec, a company undergoing transformation: “Without change, we would no longer exist”
When subcontracting company C-Mec was faced with serious operational constraints about six years ago, it was decided to radically change tactics. Due to competition with low-wage countries, the focus was shifted even more towards the ‘one-stop-shop’ approach and the production of smaller series. Automation and digitalisation were the common threads in this success . Roots […]
Discover Alstom, Factory of the Future 2020
Alstom Belgique, a member company of Agoria, is one of the winners of the Factory of the Future 2020 awards. Not having been able to applaud the winners during the Agoria roadshow because of the confinement, Motion Control was nevertheless able to conduct an interview (remotely) with Pierre Meunier and Samantha Esteban to find out […]
BMT Aerospace’s business takes off
Airbus, Embraer, Sikorsky, Sukhoi, Boeing, … These are all big names that will appeal to the imaginations of those who love aviation. But did you know that all these large companies share a Belgian supplier in common? Its name is BMT Aerospace. The emphasis it places on digitalisation, extreme precision and development of highly specific […]
AW Europe : 7 transformations as a catalyst for innovation
A philosophy whereby in which people play a central role and circumstances are created for staff to function optimally within an organisation, thus producing the best possible quality. This is the mission AW Europe would like to realise. Add customer satisfaction and respect for the environment and you have the ideal Factory of the Future […]
Streamlined production earns Niko the Factory of the Future Award
  There are very few homes in Belgium that do not contain a power socket or switch by Niko, based in Sint-Niklaas. The innovative company has over a hundred years of history, spread across three generations. But this long history doesn’t stop the company from constantly looking to the future. “The best proof of this? […]
Biebuyck: precision machining has its place at the table
A wine glass and a water glass: two ordinary objects you always see on a festive table. However, we don’t think about the high precision machining that goes into making these glasses. For example, finishing the rims of these glasses is really an art form that requires a lot of innovation. In this world unknown […]