The swabbing robot developed by Socabelec S.A. received the British Glass “Health and Safety Action” award from the UK glaziers’ association on 21 November 2019.

Based in Ham-sur-Sambre (Belgium), Socabelec shares the award with Encirc, a subsidiary of Vidrala Group Spain. Nine Socabelec swabbing robots have already been installed at the Encirc site in Elton, near Manchester. They have also ordered four additional robots, to be delivered in March 2020. Encirc is one of the top five glass bottle manufacturers in the world. Their Elton site the largest in Europe.

Socabelec – a Walloon SME – decided in 2015 to rise to the challenge set by such a major international group, by designing and developing the swabbing robot, a unique machine intended for the glazing industry. The robot has won over the market worldwide.

Socabelec’s swabbing robot allows for rapid lubrication of moulds to manufacture glass bottles. This innovation increases productivity on assembly lines, but also improves the health, safety and working conditions of operators, who no longer need to perform this task manually. They can now spend more time on tasks that add more value.

The Socabelec robots are fitted with various safety sensors, providing safe working conditions to moulding machine operators. The swabbing robot is also helping Encirc to prepare for their transformation into a factory of the future (Factory 4.0).

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