Magnetrol: “Our employees are our greatest asset”

Magnetrol: “Our employees are our greatest asset”

What makes a technology company an attractive employer? We found the answer in Zele, where international family business Magnetrol has had a branch since 1972.

Family business Magnetrol is a US multinational specialising in innovative level and flow solutions for liquids and gases. The company serves a very wide range of industries and has a significant global market share.

“Although Magnetrol is a world leader in its niche, it is a family business and considers its employees as its biggest assets,” HR Manager Johan Vanderyse explains. “This is reflected in our HR policy. Our CEO came to Zele in person to speak with our manual and office workers directly last year. Direct management did not participate in those ‘skip level meetings’, so that the employees could speak freely.”

In the past five years, the number of staff has risen from 172 to 215, of which 150 are based in Zele. Johan Vanderyse: “Our staff’s loyalty and low turnover rate speak for themselves: the person who has been with us the longest has worked at Magnetrol Zele since 1973 and 59 of our employees have worked here for more than 10 years.” 

Technical sales profiles 

65 of our 150 employees in Zele work in production and 85 work in sales and support services. “We are constantly looking for technical sales profiles for our internal sales department. We are the perfect employer for engineers with an interest in and an aptitude for sales. Of course, there are not that many of those profiles around,” Johan Vanderyse adds.

Attractive employer

The company is centrally located between Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels and mainly recruits in the area between those three cities to keep the commute to a minimum. It also encourages cycling to and from work. Today no less than 31% of all Magnetrol employees bike to work, which is well above the national average of 11%. Magnetrol Zele moved to a new building two years ago. It was one of the first in the country to receive the BREEAM sustainable construction certificate for its new base. This is yet another aspect in which Magnetrol is a groundbreaking, innovative employer.

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