Industrial Communication
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Industrial Communication

The main objective of industrial communication is to connect all of a company’s business segments within a single networked system that encompasses the entire value chain from management to production. As a result, it enables the vertical and horizontal integration of production. Using efficient end-to-end data networks increases the availability, flexibility and efficiency of machines and companies.

Thanks to advanced industrial communication, sensors and devices in the field can be flexibly integrated into existing systems while providing seamless communication and increased productivity. We also speak about Industrial IoT.

Which technologies for high-performance industrial communication?

  • Industrial Ethernet enables wired connections to be established between machines and devices, thus facilitating the rapid exchange of data. All systems are connected by a cable to hubs, routers or amplifiers.
  • The OPC-UA protocol is commonly used to enable open communication. Thanks to this protocol, a large number of devices can communicate with each other and exchange data, regardless of their service provider.
    Umati (“universal machine tool interface”) is close to becoming a generally accepted standard. It is an open standard for machine tool users around the world. For more information:
  • IO-Link allows easy connection of sensors and actuators to an overlying system (API, PC, Cloud solutions, etc.). IO-Link Group Belgium represents Belgian companies that offer products using IO-Link technology. )
  • For the past 15 years, wireless communication has been an important part of the industrial communication landscape. Various systems are used in this area, such as Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth. However, it is also possible to communicate via a public telecom network, subject to using a protected VPN network.
  • In addition to Wi-Fi and provider-specific wireless connections, 5G will have a key role to play in industrial communication in the future.
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