Belgian Factories of the Future since 2015
Breakthroughs achieved through the Made Different program


Made Different is a Belgian transformation program, initiated by Agoria and Sirris. Through 7 clearly focused transformations (world class production equipment, end-to-end engineering, digital production, human centered production, networked production, eco-production and smart production systems) around 20 FTE’s are assisting more than 275 Belgian manufacturing companies across these 7 transformations, ultimately leading to the status of Factory of the Future.

Until now, 16 Belgian companies have been awarded the Factory of the Future label.  Together they invested the last 5 years more than 475M Euro within their respective factories. Through a strategic focus on investments in smart automation, digitisation and robotisation, these Factories of the Future improved their competitiveness significantly resulting in more business and an increase in employees of 11%. As a reference, the average employee evolution in Belgian’s technology sector over the last 5 years was -5%!

All Award-winners have one common message : do consider the ‘Human Centered Production’ transformation as a crucial condition to perform timely implementation of smart breakthroughs within the other 6 Made Different transformations. Self-steering cells of autonomous teams, strongly supported by flexible, custom-made ICT-solutions,  organize the incoming production orders themselves, take responsibility for manpower training & skill development as well as Kaizen and 5S, thereby needing only a very limited amount of specific attention from a supervisor or manager. Connected to this, transparent communication belongs to every winner’s DNA!

A flavour of the breakthrough results achieved by the Factories of the Future :


  • Reynaers Aluminium Reynaers AluminiumWatch video Read more
  • TE Connectivity TE ConnectivityTE Connectivity in Oostkamp transformed itself into the benchmark factory within TE’s global Automotive connector and inductive component production base.  Moreover, the tooling, equipment and machine building expertise (97 people!) of the Belgian factory has turned this competence into a unique asset. As a result, new lines for inductive component production for the global BU ... Read more
  • Valeo ValeoThe Valeo production and development site in Ath (Belgium) has transformed its DNA by changing the focus from standard metal based lighting products, towards LED’s combined with high finish plastics.  Producing a basic, easy (fog cloud) lighting products for many years, Valeo nowadays  produces a complete range of complex, high value added interior and exterior ... Read more
  • Van Hoecke Van HoeckeVan Hoecke NV, a family owned SME of 200 employees, transformed from a local distributor of kitchen door-systems to a manufacturer of these products for the international market. Van Hoecke’s vision and DNA can be best described as “Taking away complexity and giving back simplicity”, brought to live through an extreme attention to customer care ... Read more
  • Veranneman VerannemanVeranneman Technical Textiles (VTT), part of the Belgian based textile conglomerate Sioen, since its origin focuses on carefully selected markets with high added value, like PVC roof coverings, pool foils, filtration, automotive dashboard hinges,  etc Several technologies that are still under development at the supplier can already be found working in test environments at VTT. Recently ... Read more
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