Belgian Factories of the Future since 2015
Breakthroughs achieved through the Made Different program


Made Different is a Belgian transformation program, initiated by Agoria and Sirris. Through 7 clearly focused transformations (world class production equipment, end-to-end engineering, digital production, human centered production, networked production, eco-production and smart production systems) around 20 FTE’s are assisting more than 275 Belgian manufacturing companies across these 7 transformations, ultimately leading to the status of Factory of the Future.

Until now, 16 Belgian companies have been awarded the Factory of the Future label.  Together they invested the last 5 years more than 475M Euro within their respective factories. Through a strategic focus on investments in smart automation, digitisation and robotisation, these Factories of the Future improved their competitiveness significantly resulting in more business and an increase in employees of 11%. As a reference, the average employee evolution in Belgian’s technology sector over the last 5 years was -5%!

All Award-winners have one common message : do consider the ‘Human Centered Production’ transformation as a crucial condition to perform timely implementation of smart breakthroughs within the other 6 Made Different transformations. Self-steering cells of autonomous teams, strongly supported by flexible, custom-made ICT-solutions,  organize the incoming production orders themselves, take responsibility for manpower training & skill development as well as Kaizen and 5S, thereby needing only a very limited amount of specific attention from a supervisor or manager. Connected to this, transparent communication belongs to every winner’s DNA!

A flavour of the breakthrough results achieved by the Factories of the Future :


  • More bottom-up management at duracell batteries in aarschot More bottom-up management at duracell batteries in aarschot     In parallel with its digital transition, Duracell has chosen to enhance the value of its employees’ wealth of experience by giving them more responsibility. With concepts such as start-up teams and ownership of equipment, among others, the company was hoping to receive a Factory of the Future Award. And she did it. Start-up teams, equipment ownership ... Read more
  • Networked Industrial Communication: guaranteed process efficiency Networked Industrial Communication: guaranteed process efficiency These days, it is hard to imagine operating without reliable data flows and seamless communication. The same applies to production processes. Networked industrial communication enables all of a company’s business segments to be integrated, making it a central component of data availability and the Internet of Things. The main objective of industrial communication is to connect ... Read more
  • Newtec NewtecNewtec, a privately owned SME, develops and produces highly technical, complex satellite communication equipment Customers include local telecom companies, but also companies like Al-Jazeera and CNN. Flexibility is key to Newtec. Each product is customer-configured using pre-defined modules, which are almost daily adapted to the latest technological innovations! Newtec transformed itself to a digitised factory. Starting with ... Read more
  • Nuscience NuscienceNuscience produces in Ghent (Belgium) an array of Young Animal Nutrition products, Mineral feed as well as Premixes & Concentrates All processes have been finetuned towards their specific target market segments , as to always stay at least two steps ahead of competition. Make-to-order lead times within Europe hae been reduced to 3 (max. 5) days. A ... Read more
  • Ontex Ontex Ontex produces high volume women and children hygiene products, employing 650 people in a highly automated production set-up. Focused R&D spending resulted in several cost price and quality breakthroughs, eg the ultrasonic rotative welding and use of many 3D-printed machine components. AGV’s automatically organize the internal logistic flow of components and finished products and all ... Read more
  • Provan Provan Provan, a family owned metal components supplier, has one simple goal : zero inventory!  This means : ever smaller series and a lot of production changes during the day. Provan organized itself to be able to process 3000 orders a month without having a planning department! Linking office cells with the production dept, a digitally ... Read more
  • Punch Powertrain Punch PowertrainPunch Powertrain, the world’s only independant developer and manufacturer of CVT gear boxes, was able to increase production volumes over the last 6 years by a factor of 12! The output per (direct) employee doubled, while scrap rates are only 20% of those of 5 years ago. The coming years Punch Powertrain will invest 350M ... Read more
  • Reynaers Aluminium Reynaers AluminiumWatch video Read more
  • Rf-Technologies: automation brings a production line back to Belgium Rf-Technologies: automation brings a production line back to Belgium As a company, you can deal with competition from low-wage countries in several ways: you can compete on product quality, you can automate so as to produce more goods using the same resources or you can try to bring down your lead-times for delivery. Rf-Technologies has managed to combine all three of these approaches without ... Read more
  • TE Connectivity TE ConnectivityTE Connectivity in Oostkamp transformed itself into the benchmark factory within TE’s global Automotive connector and inductive component production base.  Moreover, the tooling, equipment and machine building expertise (97 people!) of the Belgian factory has turned this competence into a unique asset. As a result, new lines for inductive component production for the global BU ... Read more
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