Belgian Factories of the Future 2015 – 2017
Breakthroughs achieved through the Made Different program


Made Different is a Belgian transformation program, initiated by Agoria and Sirris. Through 7 clearly focused transformations (world class production equipment, end-to-end engineering, digital production, human centered production, networked production, eco-production and smart production systems) around 20 FTE’s are assisting more than 275 Belgian manufacturing companies across these 7 transformations, ultimately leading to the status of Factory of the Future.

Until now, 16 Belgian companies have been awarded the Factory of the Future label.  Together they invested the last 5 years more than 475M Euro within their respective factories. Through a strategic focus on investments in smart automation, digitisation and robotisation, these Factories of the Future improved their competitiveness significantly resulting in more business and an increase in employees of 11%. As a reference, the average employee evolution in Belgian’s technology sector over the last 5 years was -5%!

All Award-winners have one common message : do consider the ‘Human Centered Production’ transformation as a crucial condition to perform timely implementation of smart breakthroughs within the other 6 Made Different transformations. Self-steering cells of autonomous teams, strongly supported by flexible, custom-made ICT-solutions,  organize the incoming production orders themselves, take responsibility for manpower training & skill development as well as Kaizen and 5S, thereby needing only a very limited amount of specific attention from a supervisor or manager. Connected to this, transparent communication belongs to every winner’s DNA!

A flavour of the breakthrough results achieved by the Factories of the Future :


  • Bio De Trog Bio De Trog Bio-bakery De Trog, an industrial craftmanships-bakery doubled its turnover and number of employees (110 people at the moment) during the last 5 years. Every day more than 100 types of basic, locally sourced flower ingredients are being used through smart automation, delivering more than 300 different customer product types every without jeopardizing the quality and ... Read more
  • Borit BoritWatch video Read more
  • Continental Continental Continental develops and produces in Belgium electronic brake system components for cars. As from 2013 the factory in Belgium is the only location within the global Continental group to  produce the newest MK100 ESC 6 PP system, combining state-of-the-art active security systems with a high comfort level for the driver. The competitive cost advantage of the factory ... Read more
  • Daikin DaikinDaikin Oostende – a developer and producer of heating solutions – has put a comprehensive Factory Reform Plan in place to turn its production into a real “3S Factory” (Simple-Slim-Smart) within the international Daikin group.  Kaizen, combined with excellent teamwork have proved to be the key ingredients for this transformation. A people culture of “change is ... Read more
  • Dekeyzer Ossaer Dekeyzer OssaerWatch video Read more
  • Dentsply Implants Dentsply ImplantsDentsply Implants is one of the global top-3 companies for dental implants.  In België more than 100 people develop and produce high added value carrying structures for dental prostheses. The newest 3Dprint and CAD/CAM-miling technologies are being used.   DENTSPLY Implants acts as a  leadplant in an international eco-system. Development and production hardware and knowledge are located ... Read more
  • ED&A ED&AED&A, a Flemish SME of the 2nd generation, started up production of electronic components only 3 years ago. Before they only focused on engineering and subcontracted production, mainly to Romania. Through the insourcing of production into Belgium, and by focusing on extreme automation, the company has been able to achieve breakthroughs on quality, flexibility and ... Read more
  • How to become a Factory of the Future – BMT Aerospace reveals… How to become a Factory of the Future – BMT Aerospace reveals…In 2016, BMT Aerospace expressed the ambition to transform into a Factory of the Future and won the Factory of the Future Award at the beginning of this year. We discuss the process so far with Henk Vincke, Supply Chain Manager and Koen Devolder, General Manager. BMT Aerospace International supplies high-tech precision components for the aviation sector. ... Read more
  • JTEKT JTEKT  JTEKT Torsen Europe, a Belgian automotive R&D – & production company of premium intelligent four-wheel drive  torque control systems achieved a weight reduction of up to 40% of their main product by combining smart product design,  focusing on the reduction of the number of needed  components and the innovative combination of 5 production process steps ... Read more
  • Lantmännen Unibake Lantmännen UnibakeWatch video Read more
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