The manufacturing industry is in full transformation. Are you turning this challenge into an opportunity and wanting to work on key breakthrough areas? Through this #ManufacturingCommunity you will learn all about the various building blocks, the ones that you have already preceded and the ecosystem to which you have access.

  • 3D printing at ENGIE Fabricom: next-level maintenance for the manufacturing industry and freedom of design Do you remember the 3D printing hype? The production technology was going to be the solution to nearly every problem. The industry sector has since learned that even though it is not a solution to ‘every’ problem, it does resolve a very large number of issues. ENGIE Fabricom is one of the companies that proves ... Read more
  • Agoria embracing Start-ups – The Industry Sessions: Additive is addictive! Agoria organises the launch of its new group on additive manufacturing/ 3D printing followed by a session of Agoria embracing Startups – The Industry Session: Pitch & matchmake! Pitch, matchmake & showcase your booth on June 28th @ BluePoint Brussels Are you a start-up active in the additive manufacturing/ 3D printing industry? Than don’t miss out on this opportunity! Ten start-ups get ... Read more
  • Towards a Digital (Manufacturing) future – Part 1 : the Silicon Valley culture Recent evolutions in data generation as well as machine learning – also called Artificial Intelligence for Manufacturing – will transform the manufacturing world radically, enabling Factories of the Future to move to ever more personalized and fully connected manufacturing. Together with E.D.&A., Daikin, 24/7 TailorSteel, Van Hoecke NV and Newtec , Agoria and Sirris spent a ... Read more
  • Made Different goes Europe Celebratory news on this Europe Day: The European Commission frees € 2 million for the European scaling up of the Belgian Made Different project. Agoria, supported by Sirris and 15 partners in various European areas, is taking charge of this project which is essential to Belgian manufacturing companies. Seven years ago, Agoria and Sirris proudly created ... Read more
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