The manufacturing industry is in full transformation. Are you turning this challenge into an opportunity and wanting to work on key breakthrough areas? Through this #ManufacturingCommunity you will learn all about the various building blocks, the ones that you have already preceded and the ecosystem to which you have access.

  • How do you become a Factory of the Future? – Provan reveals… This company established in Genk, Belgium, currently employs 80 people and was one of the first Factory of the Future Award winners in 2015. The company has since completed a follow-up assessment and has been awarded the title for the next three years. Provan provides ‘tailor-made metal solutions’ for which they focus  on total solution projects. ... Read more
  • How to become a Factory of the Future – BMT Aerospace reveals… In 2016, BMT Aerospace expressed the ambition to transform into a Factory of the Future and won the Factory of the Future Award at the beginning of this year. We discuss the process so far with Henk Vincke, Supply Chain Manager and Koen Devolder, General Manager. BMT Aerospace International supplies high-tech precision components for the aviation sector. ... Read more
  • How do you become a Factory of the Future? – Rf-Technologies reveals… The Belgian Rf-Technologies manufacturing site has invested in human organisation, smart technology, sustainability and networks during the last few years. Their efforts were rewarded with a Factory of the Future Award on 6 February 2019. We spoke to Jürgen van de Velde, Operations Manager. Rf-Technologies designs and produces high-tech products for passive fire protection. Our compartmentation ... Read more
  • The drone revolution and manufacturing industry Drones. Air, land, sea or undersea! The world has learned to know them as high-tech gadgets, but they are increasingly used as sophisticated tools having an important societal function. At the present time, drones make it possible, for example, to collect data effectively and observe environments dangerous for human beings, such as volcanic regions or ... Read more
  • Welcome to human-centred transformation, welcome to boot camp Time and again we hear that our industry is revolutionising. Our continuous quest for improvement results in faster and faster innovation. What is currently the biggest challenge for companies? Not just optimising their processes but also – and perhaps more importantly – ensuring employees are and remain committed. And that is where Human-Centred Production comes ... Read more
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